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Sep. 25th, 2013


Space Vegas with the Maestro

Before River's even entirely awake to process where or when she is, she registers the firm pounding behind her left temple that can only really mean one thing for certain. The woman can drink like a horse, and she's been doing it long enough to--usually--know when to quit.

But, well, when in Rome and all. Or Space Vegas, as it were.

She shifts under the covers to press her hand to her head where it's buried in the pillow and registers a few other things. The first is that she's entirely naked. (But what's new? Might as well have a chat about the weather.) The second is that she's not alone, and the third.

Well, that's where it gets interesting.


Jun. 15th, 2013


[OOC] Update

Hi friends! Warning:

Found out new apartment doesn't have electricity yet, let alone internet. Might be a few days before that's all set up, so expect spotty activity. Especially since half my stuff's in boxes, parents are in town, I have to go to a longer-than-shit graduation ceremony most of tomorrow... and work starts Monday. Yikes!

Catch you all soon. Thanks for your patience.


Mar. 24th, 2013

happy to see you

Short Hiatus! [ooc]

Hi all,

Going camping this week (monday - thursday) and won't be around to tag back here. Well, maybe a bit on Monday as I'll be stuck in a car for 8 hours, but no guarantees. River, in the meantime, is out on a dig.

Will do some tagging today, and happy to continue any & all threads again soon as I'm back! Enjoy your week!

Paula x

Jan. 30th, 2013


Plot Deets - Library!Verse

Thanks to the Last Words Meme a bit of a plot has started. We'll call it Library!verse.

River's copped on to the fact that she's going to die. Considering the threads here contradict themselves a little - here's what we're calling fact for this verse:

River's got the Doctor's sonic and has put enough together to realize her end is near. She doesn't yet know when or the circumstances of it. Cue ensuing angst.

This plot does NOT have to affect all threads by any means, but if I create a thread specifically for this, it will be tagged with Library!verse. If I haven't tagged it as such but you want to go that direction in any given thread, just holler.

Jan. 24th, 2013

not amused

Thread Tracking

Sort-of in order? Most recent at top.

Last Words Meme - River's found out about the Library. With Abigail, Koschei, David. [tbd if this is canon or not.]

Bedtime meme with Handy the Metacrisis Doc.

How many secrets can you hold?

"I need to get out more." / "You're out now." Meeting Jac.

Talking pick-up lines & life with Jack Harkness.

Morning After Meme with David. [vaguely not-quite-canon]

I Regret Nothing Meme with Abigail. [sort of NSFW?]
Fashion talk leads to Figuring-Things-Out with Abigail. [Follow-up to I-Regret-Nothing]

"Isn't the point to keep trying?" / "Certainly. Now what are we talking about?" Relationship talk with Koschei. And then some sword-fighting and poor judgement-making.

River needs to stop breaking and entering, basically. With Abigail.

IC Confessions Meme with Koschei's Doc.

—Emergency. Give me that, now.

I think you're going to do more damage to your knuckles than to that bin, darling.

Dec. 27th, 2012

happy to see you

Thread Tracking

Goes from MOST to LEAST recent, mostly. I've probably missed a few.

Broke into your flat to have a bubble bath. So far just David's discovered her.

Trying to help David with his new powers.

"Happy Christmas. Take it, I insist." Gift-giving with Abigail, The Doctor, David in the hospital, Benny.

New socks! - Christmas talk with Koschei's Doctor and David.

Happy Christmas to Jack.

Meeting the Doctor's 12th regeneration.

"It is not 'nice to ripen'." River's not happy about getting old. Results in chatting about Abigail's love life, and testing out "ridiculous" with Koschei.

Meeting (and getting advice from) Jack.

"Dance with me." With Kochei and Ravi.

There's a lion in River's living room? With Ravi.

"What are you doing here, dear?" Ravi, David, Koschei's Doctor all catch River in her pajamas.

Church with Abigail

"That is not to be touched". Guns with Reii, chat with Ravi, run-in with a future!Koschei

Ravi meets Mels, River interferes.

Thanksgiving with Abigail

Koschei's Doorstep (Apologizing, kind of)

Toasting victory Post Baron plot.

Dec. 8th, 2012

extra fabulous

And So a Verse Was Born

What would happen if River really did kill the Doctor back in the 1930s?

Or if she'd been trained to kill the Master instead and he'd been the one allowed to shape her future?

Either way. It's nothing good.

Details/backstory shaky. That said, meet Evil!River. Tentative verse title: Presidency Verse.

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Nov. 4th, 2012



Missing quite a few, but here are the biggies.

Fail Sex Meme. PG-13 only, although still possible NSFW? River accidentally calls Jackson "Doctor" in a night that never should have happened anyway.

River and the Maestro accidentally swap bodies.

Fell Asleep in Your Bed Meme. Including Rose's bed, the Doctor's bed, and Koschei's bed. Leads to competition with Koschei.

More than one storm to weather. In which The Baron is discussed and River makes a deal with a demon.

Doesn't look like you've been sleeping. Forcing Doctor(s) to sleep. Confrontation with Jackson. Etcetera.

Dealing with Reii begins to come full circle.

Lost in Time (AU). River's taken it onto her own to hunt down The Doctor, who's used the Chameleon Arc to go into hiding for reasons as-yet uncovered.

Sep. 14th, 2012

not amused


IC Confession Meme

For Heaven's! —I almost shot you!

...Who's trustworthiness are you weighing?

Admirable life goal, that.

Can't do intimacy, responsibility, or reliability.

Stargazing... and then getting into trouble with Jackson.

Stargazing... and more trouble with The Maestro

Woke Up in Jail Meme

+ everything else I've probably forgotten.

Aug. 27th, 2012

happy to see you

OOC Link to HMD meme

How's my driving?

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